Custom Furniture


Start with an idea, then initial sketches to get the ball moving. We then do customized 3D computer renderings to give a sense of the finished piece. After the design details are settled, we turn it over to the workshop to begin production. Lead time on most pieces takes 6 to 8 weeks.


Custom Made Solid Wood Furniture

BUCKS COUNTY LIVE EDGE DESIGNS works with family owned lumber mills in Pennsylvania to supply our woods. Our featured hardwoods are American black walnut, maple, oak & cherry. Other options are also available on request.


Custom Furniture Using Metal, Glass, Stone and Wood.

Every BUCKS COUNTY LIVE EDGE DESIGNS live edge table is made with excellence in mind. At the heart of our endeavors is the drive to combine the power of nature with the exceptional artistry of the human hand. For us, that process involves taking prized wood that is both locally and sustainably sourced and meticulously transforming it into a piece of furniture art, according to the specific needs of our clients. As the popularity of our most loved items—such as the live edge walnut table—will attest, we are not in the business of skimping on any part of the process. Our enthusiasm for supreme craftsmanship rests on the satisfaction we feel when one of our natural edge tables takes its rightful place in your home or office.


Projects & Contracts

Hospitality, Commercial, Residential projects.

At BUCKS COUNTY LIVE EDGE DESIGNS, we are located next to designers and fabricators with decades of experience working for many luxury brands including the high-end signature retail industry, major airline first-class lounge furnishings and installations for premium hotel brands. It's our mission to collaborate with these partners as they regularly work for many world-renowned architects and design firms.