Bucks County Live Edge Designs

Art studio & design firm in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, known for creating collectible furniture pieces and artistic projects

BUCK COUNTY LIVE EDGE DESIGNS is a Quakertown, PA based furniture design and fabrication company located in a 100,000 square foot workshop facilities in Quakertown. We are one (small) piece of an network of experienced furniture manufactures catering to residential, commercial and hospitality furnishings including case goods and accent items. We, and to a much greater extent, our partners, have supplied furniture to the New York City area for decades.


BUCK COUNTY LIVE EDGE DESIGNS is a furniture and objects design and fabrication firm with a philosophy collaborative craftsmanship.  On viewing our work we hope your consciousness is provoked by our expressive creations. At different times our work is subtle and relaxing. At other times it might be audacious and bold. In our drive for originality our work may include materials that are of limited supply or are not generally easy to work with. We believe this increases the uniqueness.


Designed and Handcrafted in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

In a time of immediacy and disposable culture, BUCKS COUNTY LIVE EDGE DESIGNS stands for quality and the handmade. Our studio and workroom in Bucks County (Quakertown) Pennsylvania supports communities and American made, sourcing local and regional materials. We are inspired by the materials we use, the culture of creativity and the handmade, focusing on the beauty of what design can bring.